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Our story

Meet Ken

Inspired by his family’s rich legacy of rice farming, Ken LaGrande co-founded SoGood to create a refined Californian sake using their premium rice, rivalling the quality of their Asian counterparts. Ken began farming rice himself over thirty years ago, and first discovered sake on one of his many trips to Japan. Ken’s hands-on experience in rice cultivation and passion for exploring the world of sake spurred him on to bring SoGood into existence.

We’re proud of our 4 generations of family rice growing heritage
Our sake undergoes an aging process of 90 days to achieve its silky smooth finish.
Our premium quality rice is polished to 50% of the original size to improve the flavour.

The process

Growing the rice

Premium sake starts with great rice and great soil. We cultivate our rice in the fertile fields of California’s Sacramento Valley. The rice, Yamada Nishiki, is used to make Japan’s highest-quality sakes.

Polished to Pearls

Whole rice kernels are polished into a fine, round “pearl.” This process removes the proteins and oils yielding the cleanest, smoothest sake.

Washed, Steeped and Steamed

The freshly polished rice is meticulously washed to remove impurities, steeped and steamed to enhance its moisture content before being cooled. 

Sprinkle the Koji

Koji (the fermenting agent) is sprinkled evenly over the cooled rice. As the Koji takes its place, it activates enzymes that facilitate the conversion of the rice’s starch into sugar.

Natural Fermentation

Then we introduce a yeast starter beginning the fermentation process as the yeast converts sugar into alcohol. This process unlocks the intricate flavours that will ultimately define our sake.

Pasteurisation & Aging

The fermented sake is pressed to remove sediment, filtered, and pasteurised. Finally, it is bottled. The second pasteurisation happens in the bottle over a 4 to 5-week period.

Growing the Rice

Polished to pearls

Washed, Steeped and Steamed

Sprinkle the Koji

Natural Fermentation

Pasteurisation & aging


California is the ideal growing region for premium sake rice, thanks to its long-standing dedicated farming families, fertile soil, ideal growing temperatures, and pristine water from the Sierra Nevada mountains. 

Simply put, we couldn’t exist without the natural resources we rely on, meaning we take environmental stewardship seriously.

In the past 30 years, our rice farm has:

Improved water use efficiency by 40%

Increased winter waterfowl and shorebird habitat x 10

Reduced emissions by 80%

Transferred to a fully solar powered warehouse

Produced a GMO-free product

By choosing SoGood, you’re joining us on a journey towards a greener, more sustainable future for sake.

Our sake story

For almost 100 years, the LaGrande family has been committed to providing the best rice possible. Every kernel comes from the family farm in Sacramento Valley.


Junmai Daiginjo


Crisp • Clean • Smooth

This premium variety is delightfully well-balanced and easy to drink. Crisp minerality and citrus flavours rounded out with a touch of sweetness, notes of melon and a nutty finish. Perfect for pairing with your favourite mixer but if you’re stuck for inspiration take a look at our cocktails below.

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SoGood Saké, Six-Bottle Case

Experience the joy of SoGood Saké by sharing a case with friends. A case includes six bottles of our premium, California grown sake.

SoGood Saké with Gift Tube

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