It Started With A Pearl.

Make Your Own Tradition.

Why can’t we drink saké differently?

Beyond sushi bars and sake bombs, to brunches, BBQs and beach days.

We’re on a quest to rewrite the rules.

Let’s sip saké on the rocks or in decadent cocktails. Let’s pair it with our favorite foods. Let’s brew some of the world’s highest quality saké right here in the United States.

We found a new way to enjoy saké—the SOGOOD Saké way.

Honoring the legacy of Japanese quality, craft and precision, our California-grown sake forges new ground.

We invite you to join us and break the rules, create new saké traditions and explore something different. Something pure. Something GOOD.

Welcome to SOGOOD.

The SOGOOD Process

From Pearl to Pour.

Premium saké starts with great rice, and great soil. That’s where our journey to brew America’s best saké began. We had the soil—in California’s fertile Sacramento Valley, where much of the world’s highest quality sushi rice is already grown. We had the water—fresh spring water fed from the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Then we found the rice—yamada nishiki, a Japanese varietal that’s been used since 1923 to make Japan’s highest quality sakés. We grow this rice ourselves on soil we have farmed for generations.


Whole rice kernels are polished into a fine, round “pearl.” This process removes the fats, minerals, and proteins that affect the Sake’s flavor, leaving the starchy center which, when fermented, yields the cleanest, smoothest Sake.


OK, technically it is fermented. These Pearls are washed and steamed, then we add our proprietary blend of pure spring water, koji (mold) and yeast, which aid in fermentation and create unique flavor notes. We let the brewing process take its course over a month’s time, then press, drain and filter the fully fermented Sake.


The filtered Sake sits in aging tanks for weeks or longer to round out the flavor (patience, my friend), before being pasteurized to kill bacteria, and finally bottled.